Social responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral component of the strategy of Mareven Food Holdings. We work for the benefit of the society and we are aware of the importance of our contribution to improvement of people’s quality of life. 

The Holding’s policy of corporate social responsibility comprises a number of practices and programs integrated in the business processes, supply chains and decision-making procedures at all levels of management. We assume responsibility for the past and current operations, as well as for future impact of the company’s operations on the environment.

The Holding’s companies manufacture products designated for freeing people’s time and giving them an opportunity to enjoy delicious, high-quality and modern food by using only the best raw materials supplied by reliable partners. When producing products containing pasta, we only use extra-class flour manufactured locally at the country where the company’s production facility is located thus ensuring demand for agricultural products of the country.

Production and logistics complexes of the Holding located in Russia and Ukraine promote stable employment of a significant portion of the society. Mareven creates exceptional working environment and a competitive system of compensation and remuneration. The working environment ensures maximum realization of the employees' intellectual potential and helps them to advance their qualifications, improve their skills as well as offers them an opportunity for career growth.

In regions of presence of the Holding’s companies we are glad to offer continuous support to children’s and youth sports, provide assistance to educational establishments and pay significant attention to charitable endeavors.