The 11th Annual ECR Forum

The 11th Annual ECR Forum placed on the 2nd and 3rd of June, 2015 at the Moscow House of Music under the slogan "Time to work and win." Mareven is a member of ECR.

1147 delegates, 88 speakers and 48 presentations combined Eleventh Annual Forum ECR (Efficient Consumer Response), dedicated to the cooperation of suppliers and retailers, where number of projects developed and implemented jointly with leading international partners were presented.

What technologies and business processes, retailers and suppliers can make your business more profitable?

Each year, the leaders of the international ECR community come together on one platform to discuss major trends of today and set the tone for the development of the industry for tomorrow.

Joint business planning, successful Category Management projects, new tools of OSA improvement (availability of products on shelves), the study of demand, loss control and retail were the main topics of the Forum. The plenary sessions of the heads of the largest retailers and supplier companies issued a joint report on partnership projects.

Participation in such events is very useful, as it is an irreplaceable experience of leading companies, which is not always available on the seminars. Forum participants had the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge to establish important contacts, exchange positive emotional charge, learn about new ideas that are embodied in the segment of retail business – these are key factors to prove the usefulness of the participation in the ECR forum.